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Why you should be sending a weekly newsletter, every week!

All hail the lowly newsletter!

It sounds simple because it is. Sending out a weekly newsletter to your mailing list can help you pave the way to success in 2018. Here's why:

Your clients lead busy lives

So busy that they may not find the time to drop in store or check their social feeds on the daily, Keep them up to date with the ins and outs of your business by sending them a quick fire email that they can read at their leisure.

It gets you face-time with a fifth of your customers

According to Smart Insights., last year for SMBs, the open rate for email marketing for retailers averaged at 20.96%. That means that by sending out your weekly newsletter you could be communicating directly with a fifth of your clients without them even stepping into your store.

It is a simple-as-pie way to advertise

Seriously! The likes of Mail Chimp, Sparkpost and Active Campaign are super easy to use and also provide you with great ideas for different types of email marketing.

These FREE (yes, free) platforms will help you create great looking, insightful newsletters to send to your customer database. What's more they will also show the open rates for each of your emails, meaning you know what's resonating with your customers and what's not.

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