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Want to get the most out of your January Sale? Here's how!

New year, new you...same old stock.

For most when the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve it means out with the old and in with the new, things are slightly different in the world of retail.

Yes, there are brand new seasons to look forward to, but before you can say yes to springtime florals, there is that little matter of last year's stock to attend to.

And while the winter sale has its place in the retail calendar, following the first week of January, it somewhat loses its luster for both customers and traders alike.

So what can you do to move your merchandise on?

Slice and dice those prices so low that the stock practically walks out the store itself? Perhaps, but even though it belongs to last season, this is still quality stock is it not?

Banish your excess pieces to the stockroom and weave it through next winter's collections? Maybe...but then again maybe not. Unless it's a piece most coveted that sold out in an instance, your customers will see through this ploy from a mile away.

Use the party dresses and winter coats to build a hibernation station where you can stay til Spring? Also no, you've got a store to run after all!

So what then? Though there's no magic wand to wish away Autumn/Winter, a few simple tips can help you shift that stock.

Refresh and Re-merchandise

After just a few days on the floor, sale stock runs the risk of looking redundant.


In order to keep things fresh and appealing to your customers, change your sale stock up as regularly as possible. Swap items between the stockroom and the floor as often as every two days if you can. This will keep things looking new for both you and your clients.


Okay, so re-merchandising may be the oldest trick in the book, but that's because it works. A new layout, can sometimes inspire your customers and your sales team as much as a new garment.

Play with different patterns, palettes and textures on your rails and invite your sales team to re-envision the stock they see before them and sell something 'new' to your customers.

Create a sense of urgency on social media

Give your sale and season the credit it deserves. You bought well for the last season and now there are some beautiful bargains to be had. Entice your audiences via social, by showcasing your stock with some stunning Instagrams.

Do a deal-a-day! Or what about giving them some outfit inspiration by putting together some gorgeous looks a lá sale items? With every post gently remind your customers that these amazing garments won't be around for long.

Incorporate sale items into new season trends

Just because it's last season does not mean that it is out of style. Did your Autumn/Winter collection include some Winter florals? Maybe you had some textured pastels? And we're sure you included some sparkle for the festive season!

If so you're in luck, all of these trends feature heavily for Spring/Summer 2018, So show your customers how they can be a Springtime fashionista on a budget by snapping up some of the gorgeous bargains available in your boutique.

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