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3 apps to help you rock your social media in 2018

Up your Instagram skills this 2018!

Love it or hate it, these days, no business is exempt from needing a strong social media presence. Some rock it, others tolerate it, but at the end of the day, everyone does it.

Do you fall on the 'hate it' side? Or do you like it, but don't feel like you're using it to the best of its ability. You're not alone. Not all. In fact there are so many people in your shoes, apps have been invented just to help make your life easier.

Best for Scheduling: Buffer

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter? So many platforms, so little time to post, right? Enter Buffer! The FREE social media management app, is an absolute must-have for anyone juggling multiple accounts. If you aren't using Buffer to schedule your posts already, download it now!

Why Buffer?

It's free, easy to use and extremely effective, Buffer allows you to schedule multiple posts across multiple channels, meaning you don't waste your time going back and forth between different apps and platforms.

Buffer also allows you to measure your post's results. Through the app you can see the stats on each of your posts, meaning you can see which themes and topics work, and which don't.

Best for editing photos: Snapseed

Do you ever see a post on Instagram or Facebook and wonder how it looks so picture perfect? We'd bet our bottom that the poster is probably using the photo editing app Snapseed.

Why Snapseed?

First and foremost, it is totally foolproof – music to any lackluster social media players.

Secondly, with it's next level sharpening and adjustments, you'll never fret over what filter to use again.

Finally, with text and border options on tap you can optimize your posts to advertise your latest sale, pull a trend report on your latest buy or simply show off your social skills.

Best for keeping tabs on your brand: Mention

The Mention app does exactly what it says on the tin. Anytime your brand is mentioned on the world wide web, you will get a real-time notification letting you now.

Why Mention?

Aside from the obvious, the app also comes with a nifty anti-noise element which means you only receive note of the mentions that actually matter. No rubbish, no time-wasting.

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